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Thank you for choosing to visit my web site. On the menu above you will find a description of my philosophy and information about my approach to therapy, the different therapy tools I use, career experience and forms you will need to complete if you decide to participate in therapy. Besides providing indiviual face to face therapy, I provide group and individual services through Telehealth.



Each of us encounters difficulties on our life journey. Difficulties can serve as a signal meant to guide you towards wholeness, health, personal integration and individuation. A problem remains as a road block and causes mental and emotional distress until healed. Personal strength is often required for healing. This often means reaching out to resources, such as therapy, for assistance.
When difficulties arise, whether emotional pain, physical issues, inability to maintain positive feelings, the experiencing of loss, or a desire for personal growth, you can learn to access your own interior compass to guide your footsteps empowering your goals, hopes and dreams.

Therapy assists in connecting to your interior core self that can reach through the surface layer of reality, to your own organizing foundation, helping you negotiate through the emotional turbulence to the deeper calm residing within. This lifts and expands your awareness of you. The job of therapy is to help you connect to your core.

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