6219 Wellesley Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA15206-1724

TEL: 724.733.8313


I specialize in treatments for the following:
  • Trauma                                                      PTSD
  • Mid-life crisis issues                                  Panic attacks and Phobias
  • Depression and Anxiety                            Stress Management
  • Medical and Health Concerns                    Physical Pain issues
  • Work and Career Issues


I am a licensed psychologist and therapist, I assist you in bringing forward your inner core self to open inner pathways for personal healing and, if desired, personal transformation. We will uncover the roots to your present circumstances and to access the psyche’s innate capacity for physical and emotional healing and personal integration, a variety of therapy tools will be recommended

Psychotherapeutic Webnar

 "Within Each of Us" .... explores the depths within self reaching within to uncover one's spiritual base providing life purpose and inner joy. Didactic materials begin the group session and last 1 1/2 hours.with time for questions.


  • Power of your Intentions
  • MAPs for living:mental, emotional, and behavior programs analyzed for self understanding
  • Self-love, Springboards and Guided Meditations to your Spiritual Core
  • Soul Explored - Role of courage, patience and humility


COST: $50.00 per session,not insurance covered.



Psychological Tools


Psychodynamic understanding of your present situation, understanding how your needs, wants, and expectations affect you mentally and emotionally.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy to replace negative thought patterns with truth filled, positive affirmations designed specifically for you to aide positive change.

Guided Imagery to increase relaxation and inner core self connection.

Dream Interpretations

Breathwork: As you attend to the breath you direct your awareness and gain better control over emotions and thoughts. And, deep, diaphragmatic breathing stimulates the relaxation response.

EMDR - psychological tool for reprocessing negative life events.

Brain Spotting - psychological tool for releasing physiological components holding a negative event within the brain’s neurology.

Mindfulness practices

Spiritual Practices - Therapy will assit you in utilizing your religious/spritual beliefs to establish healthy intentional thoughts and occurances in your life.

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